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My name is Craig Seeley and I am a local business man, who started racing at the age of 16. I raced a 270Z, in an Auto cross race, won my class, and overall. I have loved racing ever since. I’ve raced motor-cross and won multiple trophies, raced snow mobiles, and whatever else I could get my hands on that could race, but my passion has always been Road racing. Due to lack of road race competition ...in the area, I moved to dirt track racing. I have raced at Malta and Lebanon valley but felt there was not enough track time. This is when I decided to build a track for the drivers, to give them the opportunity to get track time in to become better drivers. This will make racing a lot more competitive,as drivers get to prefect their driving skills. I also feel there's a lack of tracks for SxS, Motor cross and ATV racing, so I have also built a track for that and hope to have races in the future. Side by side racing is definitely an untapped area of racing that can be fun and exciting! Lastly, I think kids should start young, learning the basics, safety, and over all how much fun these sports can be, so the kiddy track was a must have!

Hours of Operation

Wednesdays 3pm-Dusk
Saturday & Sunday 10am Dusk

All other days are open upon request

Contact Us

Craig Seeley

351 County Rt 12
Granville, New York

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